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Concert Quartets

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Michelle Wrighte, mezzo-soprano

Chicago Tribune by Richard Covello

“Michelle Wrighte, by nature a Cherubino more like a strapping young man than the mincing page boy en travestie we usually see, sang both arias charmingly.”


San Francisco Chronicle by Joshua Kosman

“ This 90 minute opus, which had its West Coast Premiere Wednesday night as the opening concert of the ninth Other Minds Festival, offers a sweeping compendium of song composition…The bluntly emotional understatement of Jane Kenyon’s “The Sick Wife” became even more forceful in Rorem’s song, beautifully sung by mezzo-soprano Michelle Wrighte.”


San Francisco Chronicle Datebook by Joshua Kosman

“Mezzo-soprano Michelle Wrighte, in the trouser role of Ramiro, gave a vocal performance that was sharply etched and dramatically vital, especially in her tempestuous minor-key aria in Act 3.”


Tampa Times by John Fleming

Wrighte gave a beautifully focused performance as the unhappy housewife. It is not a showy role, vocally. But the warmth and color of her tone, along with a naturalistic, almost conversational, expressiveness, was perfect for the arias like one in which she related a dream of an idyllic, lost garden (think Adam and Eve) while lying on a psychiatrist’s couch; or her ridicule of the “Technicolor twaddle” of a movie called Trouble in Tahiti.”


The Globe and Mail by Robert Everett-Green

“Mezzo-Soprano Michelle Wrighte (Emilia) did excellent work in their supporting roles”.


North Loop News October 11, 2001 by Joseph Cunniff

“Amidst this star power, Iowa-born mezzo-soprano Michelle Wrighte, who plays Emilia, said , “I’m going to learn more from my colleagues than any master class or university degree.” She more than holds her own with a fine performance.”

Home News Tribune East Brunswick, NJ Albert H. Cohen

“Michelle Wrighte was the most impressive of the three woman-2nd Lady-The Magic Flute”


Chicago Tribune July 21, 2000 Arts Watch by Ted Shen

in the performance of “Cosi,” the lower voices fared better than the higher ones.

Michelle Wrighte was a riveting Dorabella.”


Chicago Tribune by Lawrence A. Johnson

was partnered charmingly with Wrighte in the letter duet from” Barber of Seville.” Wrighte was also heard to fine advantage in Romeo’s Act I cavatina from “ I Capuleti e I Montecchi” “With excellent support from mezzo Michelle Wrighte…. this was a searingly intense reading.”


Chicago Tribune by John Von Rein

“Michelle Wrighte as (one of) Carmen’s gypsy cohorts,…tripped nimbly through the brisk quintet.”


Chicago Sun Times July 19, 1999 by Andrew Porter

“Newcomers were especially strong. Statuesque mezzo-soprano Michelle

Wrighte shined as “Don Carlo’s Eboli


Opera News November 1998 by William West

“Glimmerglass Young American Artists’ mezzo Michelle Wrighte admirably stepped in as Armindo. Her voice had a mellow lyricism to match her reticent passion of her character, and her singing in the final duet was moving and beautiful.”


Opera News by Dorothy Stowe

“Monteverdi’s L’incoronazione di Poppea…. Michelle Wrighte as a dignified Virtue”


Salt Lake Tribune January 19, 1998 by Jeff Manookian

“Michelle Wrighte superlatively held her own as Juliet’s Gertrude.


Indianapolis Star by Jay Harvey

“Michelle Wrighte’s Mistress Page was full of officious bustle, ladled out in a rich mezzo.

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