Jennifer Brennan-Hondorp

Kishna Davis

Pamela Hinchman

Pamela Hinchman

Teresa Seidl

Shawnette Sulker

Stella Zambalis

Buffy Baggott

Julia Elise Hardin

Jennifer Lane

Carol Sparrow

Michelle Wrighte

Robert Bracey

Benjamin Brecher

James Doing

Randolph Locke

Jeffrey Springer

Mark Thomsen

Bradley Williams

Graham Fandrei

Kenneth Overton

Frederick Reeder

Charles Robert Stephens

Gerard Sundberg

James Patterson

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“Reeder ‘the very model’ of All Gilbert and Sullivan

“Reeder ‘the very model’ of All Gilbert and Sullivan

Impeccable enunciation and bravado were matched with the proper stuffiness and silliness . . .”


“. . . Reeder stole the show. His skipping, cavorting, too precious Porter was hysterical. His tour de force, the patter song “I am the Very Model of a Modern Major General” was wonderful. Words poured so rapidly out of his mouth, it was hard to believe he could do it even faster, as he did at the end.

“Underlying the veneer of humor, however, was solid musicianship and a nicely flexible baritone voice.”


“. . . someone said during intermission, ‘There is a lot of great talent out there.’

“Instead of spending megabucks for a single superstar, the symphony management should be congratulated for letting us experience some of those new faces and have served Gilbert and Sullivan so well in the bargain.”


“Three cheers for a charming program.

. . . three highly talented soloists in a program that was a sheer delight to a near-capacity audience.”


“The guest stars. . . had the voices. . . the right moves (silly but not quite mincing) and the crisp diction to survive even the most breakneck patter songs. The program sped even when it wasn’t pattering.”


“What extraordinary and delightful performances! And absolutely hilarious! I have heard nothing but wonderful comments and great reviews about the concert from both audience members and the musicians themselves. I know everyone who worked with them had such a fabulous time, myself included. It was a pleasure having such great musicianship in Omaha. I hope they will share with us again in the future. It was certainly a treat getting to know each of them!”

Tara M. Cowherd

Operations Assistant

Omaha Symphony


“Frederick Reeder [et al] did a splendid job of entertaining our audiences, and we’ve had many wonder comments on their performances. Mr. Reeder was particularly helpful as we planned the program, and our chorus enjoyed working with him very much.

Kathy L. Hall

Executive Director

Cedar Rapids Symphony

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