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Shawnette Sulker, soprano

“The icing on the cake was the vocal soloists Shawnette Sulker and Leon Williams. Also the soprano soloist in Mendelssohn’s cantata, Sulker sang with enchanting vocal splendor and excellent comprehension, and she made a gorgeous and touching Bess. ”
- Birgit Hendrich, Leipziger Volkszeitung
February 27, 2012

“…Shawnette Sulker is polished and poised as Rosabella, the object of Tony’s affection… the sound is delightful, as in Sulker’s imploring ‘Aren’t You Glad?’ ”
- Elizabeth Warnimont, The Benicia Herald
August 8, 2011

“Shawnette Sulker's Rosabella was extremely moving, her voice soaring in key moments of passion.”
- George Heymont, The Huffington Post
July 30, 2011

“Bidding her to ‘shake the cloud from off your brow,’ Belinda was sung by Shawnette Sulker with a high and nimble soprano… I heard Sulker star as Olympia in Tales of Hoffmann with San Francisco Lyric Opera (2007), and her high clarity and range — she played all four women protagonists—was formidable.”
- Adam Broner, Repeat Performances
May 21, 2011

“I can’t leave the discussion of Dido without mentioning soprano Shawnette Sulker who played the role of Belinda, Queen Dido’s confidante. She filled her major singing role in Act I with her lovely voice. I still remember her charming performance here in Orfeo ed Euridice in 2009.
- Philip G. Hodge, LA Splash Magazine
May 20, 2011

“Adele was in good hands with Shawnette Sulker.”
- Hendrik Verhoeven, Opera Gazet
February 13, 2011

“…Shawnette Sulker gave with her feather-light soprano an excellent interpretation of Adele. Sharp and nimble."
- Jordi Kooiman, Placer de l’Opera
February 1, 2011

“Shawnette Sulker lent her bright, beautifully tuned soprano to the role of the witch…”
- Joshua Kosman, San Francisco Chronicle
November 1, 2010

“Shawnette Sulker starred as the Witch, singing her roulades with a bright, flexible lyric soprano and portraying the part with calm nobility.”
- Lisa Hirsch, San Francisco Classical Voice
October 30, 2010

“Soprano Shawnette Sulker sparkled in her scenes as Amore.”
- Georgia Rowe, San Francisco Classical Voice
February 20, 2009

“Sulker’s Olympia was a firework of coloratura, with amazing staccato notes, and echo imitations that made one look for a double in the wings.”
- Janos Gereben, The Examiner
September 25, 2007

“…Shawnette Sulker as Lauretta… [was] vibrant.”
- Gary Scott, KDHX St. Louis
July 24, 2007

“If it is possible for there to be a show-stopper in a chorale concert, it was Sulker. After some impressive dramatic singing in the conventional soprano range in the “Requiem,” she surprised with a comedic flight of fancy into the vocal stratosphere in the “Glitter and Be Gay.” This native of Guyana held the audience breathless. I don’t believe I have ever heard a more beautiful, more controlled or better-placed coloratura voice. She’s a real, and confident, charmer.”
- Keith Kreitman, Oakland Tribune
October 27, 2005

“Shawnette Sulker stole the show as Adela, displaying a bright, superbly controlled soprano with perfectly placed coloratura…”
- Joshua Kosman, San Francisco Chronicle
July 22, 2004

“Shawnette Sulker tossed off Adele’s athletic vocal writing with flowing ease…[S]he was adorable and engaging.”
- Michael Zwiebach, San Francisco Classical Voice
July 16, 2004

“…the audience is treated to the first dazzling solo by Shawnette Sulker, whose light and delicate soprano soars like a lark and seems aptly suited to her maid character, Adele.”
- Richard Bammer, The Reporter
March 10, 2004

“Sulker is a standout, her expressive eyes radiating fear, defiance and hopelessness as she sings with heartbreaking poignancy in a crystalline soprano.”
- Robert Hurwitt, San Francisco Chronicle
November 19, 2003

“Shawnette Sulker was clearly the audience favorite as Riccardo’s impudent page Oscar. Her effortless high soprano bell-tones and impish dramaticism are a delight.”
- Keith Kreitman, San Mateo County Times
February 18, 2003

“Of Sulker, [J.F.] Lawton said (regarding her singing in the movie Jackson): ‘She is this beautiful young black girl with an incredible voice’…”
- Robert W. Welkos, Los Angeles Times
November 10, 2002

“Shawnette Sulker’s Despina was infectious, commanding the stage with spontaneous grace and a pure, bell-like lyric soprano.”
- Ching Chang, San Francisco Classical Voice
February 23, 2002

“Shawnette Sulker’s bright-voiced Susanna made its mark through her winning stage presence.”
- Jason Serinus, Opera News
July, 2001

“Shawnette Sulker is an appealing, strong-voiced Susanna, saucy in her spoken scenes and sweet-sounding in her Act IV ‘Deh vieni, non tardar.’”
- Georgia Rowe, Contra Costa Times
March 27, 2001

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