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Graham Fandrei, baritone

"Graham Fandrei lives up to the feather-clad, featherbrained Papageno, Prince Tamino’s batman. He has strong theatrical ability and a solid baritone voice; his courting dance with Papagena, the two circling each other in “pa-pa-pa-pa” delight, is one of the production’s best moments. And because “Flute” is technically a singspiel rather than an opera, there’s spoken dialogue that feeds him ample one-liner opportunities.

"Graham Fandrei, a member of Seraphic Fire, brought a deep bass voice to Raphael’s more grave pronouncements, and also proved nimble and precise in the Handelian coloratura of Rolling in foaming billows."

"As Marcello, Graham Fandrei made a virile contrast to Musetta’s older, hapless, soon-to-be-ex admirer, hoisting Musetta effortlessly on his shoulder at the end of Act II and deploying a smooth baritone in his third act scene with Mimi, Rodolfo and Musetta."

"...Graham Fandrei brought welcome theatrical fervor to The trumpet shall sound..."

"...baritone Graham Fandrei stepped out of the choir for the solo part of the contemporary gospel star Kirk Franklin’s My Life is in Your Hands, intoning the half sung, half spoken lines (“Troubles they don’t last always; For there’s a friend in Jesus.”) with such passion, polish and conviction that should he ever tire of singing, he could have a plausible career as a Pentecostal preacher."
-South Florida Classical Review

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