Why is classical music used in casinos?

Music mobilizes the brain and influences our emotions. Even online casinos take advantage of it. They know that music has a significant influence on customers‘ gaming behavior and they use it accordingly.

With aggressive and fast music, such as rock and pop, your heart beats faster, your blood pressure increases, your muscles stretch and you can breathe faster. Adrenaline, the stress hormone, is also released. With classical music, on the other hand, which is usually quite slow, gentle and silent, the opposite happens: the heartbeat slows down, blood pressure drops, the person relaxes.

Casinos and online casinos use classical music in the background to reduce stress and release happiness hormones in players. Classical music is used particularly frequently in live online casinos, for example in poker, baccarat, blackjack or roulette. Classical music goes very well with these classic casino games. Before joining an online casino, players should use casino reviews and online casino ratings to find out if Sinspins Casino plays classical music.

Slot machines with classical music

Although classical music is mainly used in classic casino games, some slot machine manufacturers have taken advantage of the special effect of this music. These games are very popular among friends of classical music. At slot machine gratis I can always turn down when such good music is played.

Royal Masquerade (Royal Masquerade Ball)

The Play’n GO Royal Masquerade slot is all about Venetian carnival and waltz. The game is beautifully designed with high quality graphics. In the background you can hear melodies of swinging waltzes. A cheerful and crazy dance with real figures promises lucrative winnings.

The curse of the ghost

This NetEnt slot is based on the classic iDas Phantom der Oper/i. With impressive 3D graphics it takes the player into a dark theater with captivating lyrical music. The slot is not only exciting, but also profitable with interesting free spins and bonus features.